The Tale of Shawaki
Southwind Person
Also, some Shawnee Semantic Domains: Colors, Numbers and various Tribal Names in Shawnee. Other domains are forthcoming.
Shawnee Grammar and Sounds
Shawnee Dances
The Essence of Worship
Shawnee Songs and Stories
The Family of Tecumseh
Shawnee Social Organizatin:
Clans, Kinship & Divisions
Both Volumes of The Shawnee Spirit
by Noel Schutz
The Shawnee Spirit
A Separate Covenant

The Shawnee Spirit provides a wide-ranging study of Shawnee cosmogony over a period of more than two hundred years as they endeavored in the face of the relentless cross-cultural forces arrayed against them. The comparative and historical facets of of early Shawnee myth reveal the forces of change and continuity that display a combination of ideological transformations as a part of a process of retrenchment such that the Shawnee drew from the wealth of their own rich traditions to formulate a unique view of their origins and destiny. John Sugden: "Here, then, is the most comprehensive review of Shawnee legends, myths and thought worlds to date, drawing upon material from the mid-eighteenth century to the 1970s. Noel Schutz creates an evolutionary portrait of the thought-world of the Shawnee....[T]his new presentation by a founding father is assuredly a major contribution to the growing literature of a fascinating people." --John Sugden,author of Tecumseh: A Life

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Shawnee Traditions
A Song in Our Hearts

SHAWNEE NAMES by Don Greene. These pages have been replaced by an index of names that now appear in the eBook Shawnee Heritage (see description of this book below). Look for the name or names you are searching for to see if they appear in these  extensive entries of Shawnee personages of the 17th and 18th centuries.

SHAWNEE MOONS - The Cycle of Life by Noel Schutz. This is Noel's favorite page that describes how the Shawnee The Shawnee organized their sacred and secular life around the cycle of the yearand the great veneration for the spirits of the four winds let loose  by the Creator to provide them with the necessities of life. .

This book portrays the forces of change and continuity that forced the Shawnee to draw on their own rich cosmogonic tranditions to forge their own view of their past and destiny..
NOW AVAILABLE. This is the Companion volume of The Shawnee Spirit with nearly 100 legends, tales, speeches and other texts, including many previously unpublished accounts by Albert Gatschet, Truman Mickelson, C.F. Voegelin and Noel Schutz.
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The icon to the right used to navigage some pages of this website is a graphic reconstruction taken from a famous shell gorget found in the Mississippian period in the eastern part of the present United States. The wide-spread "cross-and-circle" motif represents the cosmos with the four "winds", or "grandfather" spirits, of the cardinal directions in the  four quarters of creation and the great spirit in the center manifested probably as the sun. These symbols are quite in keeping with the concepts of the world held by the Shawnee and many other Native American tribes in the hisstoric period. The Shawnee, when painting a cross on a drum during the bread dance, face the top of the drum and the image towards the south. And, as most dances are counter-clockwise, the symbols are read with SOUTH at the top (the ruler of the waqrm half of the year) and NORTH at the bottom (the domain of the cold part of the year) and should, probably, be read right to left counter-clockwise -- somewhat different from the European perspective.