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The Home Page of Vision ePublications contains the portals to the four websites under which the titles published by VeP are featured: Fantasy ePublications (fantasy,  science fiction, utopian, folktales and fairy tales, horror, and certain action-adventure and mystery stories), History ePublications, (historical works, fiction and non-fiction, including westerns,  biography, anthropology, indigenous peoples), Reality ePublications (realistic or contemporary literature, life in the modern era, including comedy, romance, crime-detective-thrillers, spy-espionage, modern war-conflict, and mystery-murder), or Spirit ePublications (spirituality, religious studies, inspirational, devotional, meditational, supernatural, soul and mind, philosopical).
The Catalog is your  home shopping store where you will find alll the titles that are currently available. Select the ones to add to your cart and continue on to checkout.
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The Library is where you can brouse through all the forthcoming titles that are on the authors' desks. You can also access feature pages on titles for detailed information.
Library Feature Pages
Some books have amaateur digital graphic art and sketches by the authors. The Gallery is arranged in various Albums for convenient viewing and phantasizing. .
The following albums are available for the Gondawyn Apocalypse: Demonbane - Thunder Maiden - DoomSlayer - Atlas - Archives - Sketchbook
This is the heart of the interactive authoring process whereby readers can post suggestions for the editing and rewriting of a novel with separate topics for each book.
This is the place where interactive authoring takes place. You can make suggesions regarding theme and plot development, characterization, narrative and dialogue suggestions, descriptions of settings and situations, changes in scenes and any other  comments on the title concerned. The ultimate decisions are, of course, made by the authors, but any input  is seriously taken into consideration.
The "blog" is where readers have an opportunity to interact with authors with questions or concerns about various titles. The Forum is more concerned with the writing process while the Blog is more about more intellectual discussions.
Everyone who reads a work applies there own imagination, background and perspectives to the interpretation of the book. On the blog authors share their thoughts on various aspects of a work and readers have a chance to find out from the source what the author had in mind (literally) and how this matches or differs from the reader's perceptions, interpretations and views. It is another way to be involved in interative authoring, but at a more conceptual level.
The five songs that appear in the present form of the Gondawyn books (out of a total of seven) are given. A vocal sample is provided in lieu of current recording efforts underway to put the tunes to the words.
Altogether five songs were written, but only three now appear in the text and only two have music ("Elandriel" and "Morning Star"). One not included is the "Victory Song" raised by the troops after the Wyrdes wer defeated.  Another is "Elandriel's Complaint" in which she cries out to Ya'el in desparation as she once again is a fugitive leaving Gnarlwood with her motely band to face an uncertain future. I have the general idea for the music, but nothing specific. I have never created any music for The Lament of Gondawyn."
About Us
In About Us brief bios are presented for the  publishers, Noel  Schutz and Judy Wu. In About VeP a summary of our vision of Interactive Authoring on the Internet is provided along with the case for e-publishing.
ABOUT US AND ABOUT YOU. This is a personal site for Noel and Judy, so here  is where you  find out who we are in a general way. The way to introduce yourself to us is go to the Coffee Shop on the Forum. If you  wish to interact with us on authoring, tell us a little abouty yourself there. If you have your own website you can ask us there to put you on the Blogroll on our Weblog and we will be connected. And, of course, sign up for news updates on the Catalog page. For a more personal touch, you can simply email either of us but this would not be shared with the community.
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